Science Journals and Social Media

@NatureCellBio Tweet about @NatureStructMolBio Article from the Cole and Leahy Labs

While keeping up with current science literature and news is a never-ending task, the use of social media platforms by popular science journals and organizations may have begun to ease the burden.  Many journals have increasingly active Twitter accounts.  In 140 characters or less, they may summarize and link to a current article or tweet to another journal about one of their articles.  As a graduate student, establishing a twitter account and following various journals will result in a Twitter newsfeed populated with tweets about a wide variety of journal topics.  There is a definite advantage to the breadth of articles you will see tweeted about.

At this time, it may be the uncommon colleague that says, “Did you see that article Nature just tweeted about?” However, you may find that the tweet refers to an article with authors from your own lab or from another lab in the BCMB program.  A quick glance at Nature Cell Biology’s twitter feed (@NatureCellBio) reveals tweets about articles from the Cole and Leahy laboratories and the Inoue laboratory with short summaries and links to the articles.

@NatureCellBio Tweet about Article from Takanari Inoue’s Lab

Stay tuned for more updates, both general and BCMB related, on the use of social media by leading science journals and organizations.

-Jackie McCabe  


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