2012 BCMB Retreat Schedule

The annual BCMB retreat will be taking place next Thursday and Friday, and there couldn’t be a more exciting line-up of talks, posters, and social events scheduled for this 2012 edition.

The retreat is planned and coordinated by Dr. Steven Claypool in the Department of Physiology.  Dr. Claypool has been in charge of the retreat the past three years, and together with Dr. Carolyn Machamer, has implemented many excellent improvements to the format.  One major addition has been the keynote address given by a former BCMB student.  The speaker is chosen by a committee of BCMB students, allowing them to connect with great scientists and great alumni.  The 2011 inaugural address was given by Dr. Robert Silicano, a BCMB graduate and current faculty member here at Johns Hopkins.

On Thursday, October 11th, Dr. Enrique De La Cruz of Yale University will be giving the 2012 keynote address.  Dr. De La Cruz will be staying in Baltimore throughout the duration of the retreat.  Thursday morning will provide opportunities for faculty to meet with Dr. De La Cruz, and a luncheon with students will also be on his agenda.  Interested parties should contact bcmbnews.editor@gmail.com for more information.

After the keynote address, there will be a short intermission (with refreshments) followed by the traditional second-year class skit.  This year’s skit was written and directed by Jarrett Smith and Mark Zbinden, and rumor has it that the presentation has gone high-tech:  all scenes were filmed prior to the retreat, and video editing was used to string together a hilarious set of jokes, similar to the format of Saturday Night Live.

Following the second-year skit, students will partake in a science-themed relay race and an informal cocktail hour in the Greenhouse cafe.

On Friday, October 12th, the retreat will move to the Sheppard Pratt Conference Center for a series of talks and poster sessions.  There will be student awards for posters and talks.  Dr. Claypool said that a variety of prizes will be given to the selected winners:  In addition to cash, prizes in the past have included odd vendor throw-ins, flavored pipettes, and personalized lab coats. The tentative schedule will be as follows:

8:30-9:00            Registration/continental breakfast

9:00-9:05            Welcome

Session 1 Student emcee:  Saif Al Qassim, BCMB 4th year.

9:05-9:25            Brandie Makeba Cross  (Ph.D. candidate – laboratory of Rajini Rao, Physiology); “Calcium at the Pump: The Interdependence of SPCA2 and Orai1 in Lactation.

9:25-9:45            Kim-Vy Nguyen-Ngoc (Ph.D. candidate – laboratory of Andy Ewald, Cell Biology); “Coordinated regulation of epithelial cell invasion by the ECM and actomyosin contractility

9:45-10:05            Sunetra Biswas (Ph.D. candidate – laboratory of Rich Ambinder, Pharmacology); “Epstein Barr Virus Persistence in Cancer Stem Cell Fraction of a Multiple Myeloma Cell Line.”

10:05-11:05            Poster Session 1 with Coffee and Snacks

Session 2 Student emcee:  Lily Raines, BCMB 3rd year.

11:10-11:30            Beverley Dancy (Ph.D. candidate – laboratories of Phil Cole, Pharmacology, and Jef Boeke, Molecular Biology and Genetics); “Live cell studies of p300/CBP acetyltransferase inhibition

11:30-11:50            Tonya Gilbert (Ph.D. candidate – laboratory of Sean Taverna, Pharmacology); ”The mechanism of NuA3 chromatin localization and its role in gene transcription

11:50-12:10            Jessica M. Smith (Ph.D. candidate – laboratory of Caren Meyers, Pharmacology); “Targeting E. coli 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate (DXP) synthase, a novel enzyme in thiamine diphosphate-dependent enzymology

12:10-12:55              Lunch

Session 3 Student emcee: Allison Suarez, BCMB 3rd year.

1-1:20            Robert J. Huebner (Ph.D. candidate – laboratory of Andy Ewald, Cell Biology); “Asymmetric division of luminal cells produces low-polarity high-motility cells that collectively migrate to form mammary ducts”

1:20-1:40            Lucas Hua (Ph.D. candidate – laboratory of Jeremy Nathans, Molecular Biology and Genetics); “Dissection of the Role of Fz3 in the Development of Spinal Motoneurons

1:40-2:00            Christopher Potter (Department of Neuroscience); “The discovery of a novel food-odor-induced pheromone in Drosophila

2-3                        Poster Session 2 with Coffee and Soda

Session 4 Student emcee: Ya-Wen Lu, BCMB 4th year.

3-3:20            Diedre J. Ribbens (Ph.D. candidate – laboratory of Peter Espenshade, Cell Biology); “A Rhomboid Protease Involved in SREBP Processing in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

3:20-3:40            Matt Baile (Ph.D. candidate – laboratory of Steven Claypool, Physiology); “Defining Trafficking Steps Required for Cardiolipin Remodeling

3:40-4            Frank Bosmans (Department of Physiology); “Understanding sodium channels will change medicine

4-5                        Reception and Posters

5 pm                         Student Awards

Students and faculty must RSVP for the retreat, and a small fee is associated with attendance in order to cover the cost of food.  There’s still room for students to present posters, and BCMB News is looking for student reporters to cover the talks, so please contact bcmbnews.editor@gmail.com for more information if you would like to be involved.

Lastly, be sure to thank Dr. Claypool for his efforts and time in planning this retreat.  It’s no small task, and he has done an excellent job.

-Diedre Ribbens 


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