Question of the Month

We are less than two weeks away from the annual BCMB retreat. The retreat is a time where we take a break from the lab work that keeps us ever so busy, and come out to mingle with our fellow students and faculty. It is a time where we get the opportunity to learn first-hand about the science that is conducted by the BCMB community.  All of this, in a two day retreat!

The retreat takes place locally; the first day is on campus, and the second day is at Sheppard-Pratt conference center ~20 minutes away from campus. It wasn’t always a local event though. My classmates and I, of the class of 2009, were the last class to experience the retreat in its old format: a 3-day retreat at Rocky Gap Resort, a mountain resort ~130 miles west of Baltimore. Although more faculty attend the retreat when it takes place locally, having the retreat at Rocky Gap allowed for more opportunities to bond and mingle through science and outdoor activities alike!

Question of the month: Where do you prefer having the retreat? There is an option for readers to enter their own answer, for those who would like to explain their choice, or submit an answer not listed below.

REMEMBER! If you choose “other” and submit your own answer, you may be selected to have your response featured in the next issue! Start sharing your opinions!

-Saif Al Qassim


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