Question of the Month

The major highlight of last month was the BCMB retreat. On the first day, we had an informative and inspiring keynote lecture delivered by BCMB alumnus Dr. Enrique De La Cruz of Yale University. The second-year skit was a blast! It showed the first years how great life as a graduate student in BCMB will be! A special thanks to Mark Zbinden, Jarrett Smith, BCMB News’ very own Tom Schaffer, and the rest of the second years for the skit. Finally, everyone enjoyed the science themed relay race that followed, including those who could not assemble a biohazard box in less than 5 seconds.

The next day consisted of oral presentations and poster sessions, mostly by students. Congratulations to the oral presentation and poster prize winners; their prizes may have been slightly different, but they each received a “certificate of awesomeness” signed by Dr. Steven Claypool himself.

Question of the month: What was the highlight of this years retreat, in your opinion? Feel free to choose more than one of the choices below, or add your own!

Last month, the question asked was “Where do you prefer having the retreat?”  Amongst those that entered their own answer, one of them suggested “Hawaii”! – feel free to contact me if you do not want to remain anonymous. It is safe to say, however, that the majority of responders prefer to have the retreat out of town, or at least off-campus.

-Saif Al Qassim


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