Farewell Lesley Brown!


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Lesley Brown has been the Program Manager at BCMB since 2008.  Recently, she took a position as the Assistant Dean of Baltimore City Community College.

Q1. Why did you choose BCMB? How has your tenure as Program Manager been?

I tend to like programs that are broader in scope  because I am easily interested in things outside of my primary focus.  Reputation and resources also played a role in choosing this program.  My tenure as Program Manager has been great – it is always good to have a position in which there is enough flexibility to do a few things beyond the traditional role of a program manager – i.e. to be a bit creative.

Q2. What did you learn from your BCMB experience?

I  learned to be resourceful – learned how to find information and how to identify people who could serve as resources.   This allowed me to be a post-doc who could hit the ground running and it also helped when I started as a faculty member.  In hindsight, I also learned a great deal about collegiality from watching our faculty.

Q3. What are your fondest memories of BCMB, both as a student and as a manager?

As a student it was very refreshing to see colleagues who truly LOVE what they do, in spite of some of the challenges.  In coming back as a manager the enthusiasm of both new and “seasoned” faculty is still refreshing .  It is special to be in such an environment – it has become more special as I have moved to different environments.

Q4. How did you choose your career path and what are you looking forward to the most at your new position?

I’ve always been a person with interests in education and teaching so I started out teaching.  After one has taught for a  while,  you polish all of those skills needed for teaching, but there is very little development of new skills.  Administration requires development of another set of skills, so I looked for positions that would help me develop those skills.  In my new position as Assistant Dean of Adjunct Services,  I am most looking forward to helping faculty become the best teachers they can be both on an individual level and on an institutional level. I also look forward to creating a greater sense of collegiality among both adjunct and full-time faculty.

Q5. What advice would you give to students, both current and alumni?

Be honest with yourself about what you like/dislike and  about your strengths & weaknesses and then make choices and decisions that maximize what you like and are good at.

Q6. Parting thoughts?  

Although change can be unsettling – don’t be afraid of it!


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