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Announcing a competition to be a Nature Careers Columnist!

Nature’s Careers section is pleased to announce our latest international competition to select five young scientist columnists for 2013. All currently enrolled science graduate students and working postdocs are eligible.

Over the course of the year, each columnist will write at least one column to be published in Nature, and will be encouraged to pitch more. Columnists will also be asked to write two or more Blog entries for the Naturejobs blog, charting their ups and downs through the year and describing how their experiences have shaped their future career choices.

Contest entry deadline is March 29th.  Click here for more information.


Journals Assistant Editor – Genetics Society of America

GENETICS and G3:Genes|Genomes|Genetics, the journals of the Genetics Society of America (GSA), are seeking a Journals’ Assistant Editor to work with the Editors‐in‐Chief (EiCs), Senior Editors (SEs) and the Executive Editor to fulfill our mission to identify and communicate significant discoveries and advances in genetics.

The Journals’ Assistant Editor will be an integral part of our editorial team, working closely with the Editorial Board and staff to increase the profile and impact of the GSA Journals by helping to recruit new submissions, identify new content, and broadcast our journals to new audiences.

Candidates should be curious and on top of current topics and trends in science, appreciate the thrills and trials of discovery, and exude enthusiasm for science.

For more information and application guidelines, click here.


Scientific Director – Anchor Technical Services


The Scientific Director is responsible for the overall scientific direction as well as the research function in the company.  Responsibilities include providing scientific leadership, directing research activities, and expanding the organizations scientific partnerships.  This individual will have overall management of the planning and direction of the scientific activities.

Context & Major Challenges:

We are constantly challenged by the need to seek most of its finances outside bioMerieux, through the highly competitive Government Contracts/Grants funding channels.  Our continued success necessitates maintaining the scientific and management expertise, and our scientists getting peer recognition through published work.  It is particularly challenging to stand out in a field as crowded as human retrovirology, especially HIV; but that is an area in which myself and other scientists have made major contributions, and are well recognized.  Challenges specifically associated with this, our predominant business areas, are the following:

  • Our portfolio of Government contracts has certain stringent technical, logistical, and facility requirements.  Expertise in virology, cell biology, protein production and purification, immunology, and molecular biology are essential.  Often we need to develop new immunological and gene amplification-based assays to measure various viral and cellular markers as part of these contracts. Laboratories equipped with bio-safety level 2 containment are needed to work with HIV and other related viruses.  An accredited animal facility with bio-safety level 2 containment suitable for work with over a thousand nonhuman primates are a primary requirement..
  • As these contracts are awarded for finite time periods, maintaining continuity in operation requires receiving overlapping or sequentially funded programs.  This takes a lot of effort on the part of our senior staff, including some personal marketing with the scientific and Program Personnel at the Government.
  • Recruiting and maintaining a talented professional staff in a tight labor market within the budgetary constraints of competitive Government procurement of contracts is difficult.
  • As in all biomedical research, development and manufacturing operation, but especially because we work with highly infectious agents such as HIV, HTLV and other viruses, maintaining personnel safety and compliance with all regulatory requirements are of paramount importance.

For more information about this position, click here.

Scientist – Malvern Instruments, Bioscience Development Initiative

Who We Are

Malvern Instruments’ Bioscience Development Initiative (BDI) identifies and develops new bioscience technology and product offerings in response to unmet analytical needs in the biopharmaceutical industry. Gaining insight into these needs and requirements is a critical business function, and depends on developing and maintaining relationships with organizations such as universities and industrial partners.

As part of this goal, BDI is looking for candidates who have experience and skills in the following technical areas: biophysical characterization, analytical chemistry/biochemistry, spectroscopy, chemical imaging, microscopy or multivariate analysis.

The Position

Malvern’s BDI Scientists provide the analytical, biochemical and biophysical expertise necessary to support the design and development of Malvern’s next-generation instrumentation.  Scientists conduct in-house research and application development to support these efforts, and additionally work with outside partners to evaluate and refine technology prototypes.  Located in Columbia MD, some (25%) domestic and international travel required.

Who You Are

A Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, pharmaceutics, or a related field with 2 to 5 years of industry relevant experience. You will have a thorough, applied knowledge of analytical techniques such as IR and Raman spectroscopies, chromatography and mass spectrometry and more traditional biophysical characterization or biochemical analysis techniques. You will be self-motivated, have strong problem-solving skills, and work well independently. Demonstrated communication, organizational, and documentation skills are essential to facilitate cross-functional interactions and collaboration with others in a team environment.

If you are interested in working in our fast paced environment where prototypes are developed, tested and improved on a short time cycle, please submit your resume.

For more information about this position, click here.


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