Science News

Science News-February

Public health workers killed in Nigeria. Eleven public health workers involved in a polio vaccination campaign in northern Nigeria were assassinated on February 8. Meanwhile, 2013’s first confirmed case of wild-type polio occurred in Karachi, Pakistan; a rash of killings of polio workers occurred in that country in the end of 2012. Poliovirus, target of a global eradication effort, remains endemic in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

School of Public Health weighs in on national gun conversation. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health hosted a summit on gun violence in mid-January; this week, the proceedings were published along with a list of policy recommendations.

Fifteen (more) seconds of science fame. “Mohawk guy,” AKA Mars rover flight director Bobak Federowski, who was made internet-famous by the dramatic landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars, attended the State of the Union address as a representative of STEM education.

Scientists appeal to public for research funding.  When their grants are passed over by the NIH and NSF, more and more scientists are taking a cue from artists and turning to Kickstarter.  (To get a sense of the diversity of scientists involved, or to get in on the crowd-funded action yourself,


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