A new way to explore Grad Schools: Virtual Grad School Fair

I remember how stressful it was when I wanted to apply to grad school back in 2008.  Many schools had convoluted web pages with the info for their PhD programs, and it was tricky to figure out who I could contact with questions, or even to find enough info to generate questions to ask!  There were so many programs, so many options.  It’s not common for grad schools to come and visit undergraduate campuses, like a career fair, so you rarely get the opportunity to speak with someone face-to-face; the best you can hope for is an email or a phone call, if you do eventually find someone to contact.

This year, BCMB is trying to make our admissions process more accessible by participating in the Virtual Grad Student Fair for the Biomedical Sciences.  Prospective students can sign up for the fair, and will have a forum to get their questions answered by our program staff.  Sign up today to participate!


-Diedre Ribbens