BCMB Rocks!

Wow  — we all know our BCMB graduates are outstanding scientists, but check this out:

In the current issue of Science, two BCMB grads are first authors of RESEARCH ARTICLES!  Clara Bien Peek worked with Peter Espenshade and is currently a postdoc with Joseph Bass at Northwestern.  Jason McLellan worked with Dan Leahy, and recently started as an Assistant Professor at Dartmouth after a postdoc at the NIH with Peter Kwong.

Here are the links to these papers:



Congrats Clara and Jason!

Welcome to the BCMB Newsletter!

To all current BCMB students, former students and faculty:

Welcome to BCMB News!  Created by our current students, this will be a great source for the latest BCMB news, events and alumni profiles.  I’d like to thank Diedre Ribbens and Matt Shirley, as well as all of the other student contributors, for getting this off the ground — enjoy!

-Carolyn Machamer