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Congratulations to the Ravens!! They won the Super Bowl!!! That’s a big deal, right? Being an international student myself, and hailing from a country where, like many countries in the rest of the world, soccer is the most popular sport, I have to admit that it took me some time to fully appreciate how great American football is, and what it means to everyone here. By some time, I mean four years at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, whose football team is one of the biggest college football teams in the country (Go Blue! Go Wolverines!). Add four more years to that in Baltimore -at Hopkins- where I am becoming more and more excited about our very own Ravens as time goes by.

Watching the Super Bowl was very exciting; as exciting as watching a movie! The defense, the wonder passes from our quarterback, and the long dashes from what looked to be the middle of the field all the way to the touch down area! The most exciting part was at the final whistle, it felt as if all of Baltimore screamed “GO RAVENS!” all at the same time, followed by the celebration afterwards. We are lucky enough to be in a city that has arguably the best place to do science, and the World champions of American football!


Question of the month: on Super Bowl Sunday, where did you watch the game?


Question of the Month

The major highlight of last month was the BCMB retreat. On the first day, we had an informative and inspiring keynote lecture delivered by BCMB alumnus Dr. Enrique De La Cruz of Yale University. The second-year skit was a blast! It showed the first years how great life as a graduate student in BCMB will be! A special thanks to Mark Zbinden, Jarrett Smith, BCMB News’ very own Tom Schaffer, and the rest of the second years for the skit. Finally, everyone enjoyed the science themed relay race that followed, including those who could not assemble a biohazard box in less than 5 seconds.

The next day consisted of oral presentations and poster sessions, mostly by students. Congratulations to the oral presentation and poster prize winners; their prizes may have been slightly different, but they each received a “certificate of awesomeness” signed by Dr. Steven Claypool himself.

Question of the month: What was the highlight of this years retreat, in your opinion? Feel free to choose more than one of the choices below, or add your own!

Last month, the question asked was “Where do you prefer having the retreat?”  Amongst those that entered their own answer, one of them suggested “Hawaii”! – feel free to contact me if you do not want to remain anonymous. It is safe to say, however, that the majority of responders prefer to have the retreat out of town, or at least off-campus.

-Saif Al Qassim

Question of the Month

We are less than two weeks away from the annual BCMB retreat. The retreat is a time where we take a break from the lab work that keeps us ever so busy, and come out to mingle with our fellow students and faculty. It is a time where we get the opportunity to learn first-hand about the science that is conducted by the BCMB community.  All of this, in a two day retreat!

The retreat takes place locally; the first day is on campus, and the second day is at Sheppard-Pratt conference center ~20 minutes away from campus. It wasn’t always a local event though. My classmates and I, of the class of 2009, were the last class to experience the retreat in its old format: a 3-day retreat at Rocky Gap Resort, a mountain resort ~130 miles west of Baltimore. Although more faculty attend the retreat when it takes place locally, having the retreat at Rocky Gap allowed for more opportunities to bond and mingle through science and outdoor activities alike!

Question of the month: Where do you prefer having the retreat? There is an option for readers to enter their own answer, for those who would like to explain their choice, or submit an answer not listed below.

REMEMBER! If you choose “other” and submit your own answer, you may be selected to have your response featured in the next issue! Start sharing your opinions!

-Saif Al Qassim

BCMB Retreat 2012 – Keynote Speaker Profile: Enrique De La Cruz, PhD

Dr. Enrique De La Cruz earned his PhD from the BCMB program during years 1992-1997 with Dr. Thomas D Pollard (former professor and director of Cell Biology) as his thesis advisor. After postdoctoral training in the laboratories of Dr. H. Lee Sweeney and E. Michael Ostap at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, he joined Yale University in 2001 as a tenure-track faculty member where he is now Professor in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Read on to learn more about our esteemed keynote speaker’s journey in science…

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Question of the Month

Every issue  of BCMB News will contain a “Question of the Month” with one or more possible answers. The objective is for us, as a BCMB community, to learn more about each other.  We hope you will participate in the poll and enjoy!  

-Saif Al Qassim

Question of the Month:  Why did you choose to join the BCMB graduate program? Was it a difficult choice? What factors went into making your decision? Although there are many factors that must have gone into your decision, we only list 4 common answers below.

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