Alumna Profile: Dr. Kara Cerveny, Assistant Professor of Biology, Reed College

Kara Cerveny performed her thesis work in Robert Jensen’s lab in the Department of Cell Biology in 2005.  In the short time since, she has completed a post-doc in London, worked as an editor for Cell, and recently joined the faculty of the Biology Department of Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  Below, Kara details her transitions between fields and how her motivations have ultimately carried her to Reed, shares some wisdom about how science compares between the US and the UK, and talks about life as a new faculty member at a small liberal arts college.

At Hopkins 

Upon completing her undergraduate program at Duke, Cerveny knew from volunteer work at a local hospital and at the Duke Marine Lab that she wanted to pursue a career in science.  “[I] decided that I really liked sharing my knowledge and exciting others about science, so I applied for several different teaching jobs and landed a great position at Friends Select School in Philadelphia.”  During the following two years, she gained experience in designing and teaching several science courses.  Kara’s curiosity, inspired during various volunteer positions in labs at Duke and elsewhere, soon prompted her to apply to graduate school.  “I decided that I really liked asking questions and doing experiments to answer them.”

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Call for Blogs!

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October Lab Spotlight – Rao lab

Lab Stats

PI Name: Rajini Rao
Number of Years in BCMB: 18
Model System(s): Initially yeast, more recently mammalian cell culture using whatever tissues are relevant, mice
Research Area: The regulation and induction of ion transport and the physiological roles of various ion transporters
Lab Personnel:
Brandie Cross- BCMB student
Annie Hack- CMM student
Kalyan Kondapalli- postdoctoral fellow
Jose P. Llongueras- post bac student
Cassie Patenaude- BCMB student
Hari Prasad- CMM student

A Rao Lab group photo during lab meeting

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Alumnus Profile: E. Loren Buhle, Life Sciences Executive at IBM

Each month, BCMB News will highlight an esteemed alumnus of the program.  This month, contributor Tom Schaffer interviews Dr. E. Loren Buhle, Life Sciences Excecutive at IBM.  

Dr. E. Loren Buhle attended the BCMB program from years 1980 to 1985, completing his thesis work in the lab of Ueli Aebi in the Department of Cell Biology.  Beginning as a tenure-track professor, he segued into the pharmaceutical industry and later his current position at IBM by creatively parlaying the skills he acquired during his graduate work. His career arc demonstrates the utility and potential of a BCMB PhD beyond more traditional academic career paths in the life sciences.

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