Beyond a scientific culture: Appreciating the arts

A little-known and underutilized resource on campus, the JHMI Office of Cultural Affairs reached out to BCMB News to spread the word about its programs and entertainment offerings.  If you are interested in getting involved or simply curious what their office is about, read on for a comprehensive view of their activities.

An Overview of JHMI Office of Cultural Affairs

The JHMI Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) is an artistic outlet for all those individuals at Johns Hopkins with multi-faceted talent. OCA, through the efforts of its member societies, has been presenting free cultural events for the JHMI community over the past 35 years. Dynamic in its endeavor, it has expanded through this period to assimilate gifted artists who perform for the greater Baltimore community.

OCA  currently comprises of 3 active groups – the Choral Society, the Literary Magazine  and the Chamber Music Society.  Here’s an overview of their activities.

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