In case you missed the skit…

The second year class put together an awesome skit this year, which garnered quite a bit of laughter when it was played during the BCMB Retreat.  An unprecedented amount of faculty participated in the skit, which was pre-recorded, edited, and polished into a 20-minute movie.

In case you missed the inaugural showing, check out the YouTube posted version:


New BCMB Faculty Present at Retreat

Every year, BCMB increases its list of participating faculty.  This year, the two newest members, Chris Potter (Neuroscience) and Frank Bosmans (Physiology), peddled their science before a crowd of potential rotation students at the retreat.  BCMB News caught up with them after the retreat to find out a little more about their backgrounds and their research.  

Chris Potter’s office is sunny and airy, and has a view overlooking Washington Street, on the 4th floor of the Rangos building.  Potter welcomes me into his office, and we get to chatting about his journey from grad student to BCMB faculty.  “I did my graduate work at Yale, in a fly lab there.  My project was to look at tumors in flies.”  Upon seeing my look of confusion, he elaborates.  “Flies actually do get tumors, surprisingly!”  Potter moved from Yale to a postdoctoral position in another fly lab at Stanford University.  His lab at Hopkins also uses Drosophila as a model system.  “I do like Drosophila!” Potter exclaims.  Far from tumorigenesis, his current lab is affiliated with the Department of Neuroscience.  “We’ve been here for two years,” says Potter.  “I started in March 2010, and then I think somehow I went through a loop-hole and didn’t get added to BCMB right away.”  Happily, the situation was remedied, and Potter couldn’t be more excited.  “I would LOVE to have a BCMB student,” says Potter.

Christoper Potter, Department of Neuroscience.

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2012 BCMB Retreat Schedule

The annual BCMB retreat will be taking place next Thursday and Friday, and there couldn’t be a more exciting line-up of talks, posters, and social events scheduled for this 2012 edition.

The retreat is planned and coordinated by Dr. Steven Claypool in the Department of Physiology.  Dr. Claypool has been in charge of the retreat the past three years, and together with Dr. Carolyn Machamer, has implemented many excellent improvements to the format.  One major addition has been the keynote address given by a former BCMB student.  The speaker is chosen by a committee of BCMB students, allowing them to connect with great scientists and great alumni.  The 2011 inaugural address was given by Dr. Robert Silicano, a BCMB graduate and current faculty member here at Johns Hopkins.

On Thursday, October 11th, Dr. Enrique De La Cruz of Yale University will be giving the 2012 keynote address.  Dr. De La Cruz will be staying in Baltimore throughout the duration of the retreat.  Thursday morning will provide opportunities for faculty to meet with Dr. De La Cruz, and a luncheon with students will also be on his agenda.  Interested parties should contact for more information.

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BCMB Retreat 2012 – Keynote Speaker Profile: Enrique De La Cruz, PhD

Dr. Enrique De La Cruz earned his PhD from the BCMB program during years 1992-1997 with Dr. Thomas D Pollard (former professor and director of Cell Biology) as his thesis advisor. After postdoctoral training in the laboratories of Dr. H. Lee Sweeney and E. Michael Ostap at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, he joined Yale University in 2001 as a tenure-track faculty member where he is now Professor in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Read on to learn more about our esteemed keynote speaker’s journey in science…

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