BCMB Rocks!

Wow  — we all know our BCMB graduates are outstanding scientists, but check this out:

In the current issue of Science, two BCMB grads are first authors of RESEARCH ARTICLES!  Clara Bien Peek worked with Peter Espenshade and is currently a postdoc with Joseph Bass at Northwestern.  Jason McLellan worked with Dan Leahy, and recently started as an Assistant Professor at Dartmouth after a postdoc at the NIH with Peter Kwong.

Here are the links to these papers:



Congrats Clara and Jason!

Publication spotlight: recent student publications

Publication spotlight is a series designed to showcase noteworthy BCMB publications from students and faculty. If you have a recent publication that you are proud of, tell us about it.

-Matt Shirley

BCMB students are constantly producing high quality publications, though sometimes it may be difficult to follow a colleague’s work which falls outside your own field. That is why this first issue of the Publication spotlight will focus on a roll-up of this year’s publications from BCMB students. A list of hard-earned publications follows: Continue reading