HHMI At Hopkins: First-Hand Faculty Experiences

This article is the second of a three-part series on the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  Part I, published in November, talked about the history of HHMI.  This second article focuses on HHMI at Johns Hopkins and the experiences of the faculty participating in the HHMI Investigator program.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has long participated in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator program, and has accumulated quite a few faculty members who hold HHMI investigatorships.  BCMB News wanted to hear their stories, so we went looking for some entertaining anecdotes and sage advice.

HHMI Investigator Alex Kolodkin, Department of Neuroscience

Alex Kolodkin, Dept. of Neuroscience

Johns Hopkins has 12 HHMI faculty that are in the BCMB program, spread across several departments.  The areas of research that HHMI focuses on are genetics, cell biology, immunology, neuroscience, and structural biology; Hopkins has faculty that encompass all of those areas.  Many of the Hopkins HHMI investigators commented on how they felt fortunate to be involved with the institute, and have resources available for not only their labs, but also for their research community.  “I think it raises the general level of science in any one place,” says HHMI investigator Alex Kolodkin.

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